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UHWO Ecology Field Trip to the Honolulu Zoo

To cap off a fun semester, my General Ecology students and I took a field trip to the Honolulu Zoo!

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The General Ecology class (and friends) rocking the shaka at the Honolulu Zoo

We ran into my friend Evan Padro, who works at the zoo, and with the Wright Lab at UH Manoa. Evan introduced us to orangutans, Rusti and Violet. Rusti was pretty interested in Evan’s bag of edamame, but Violet is ‘in season’ as they say, and was more interested in Rusti.

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The students were particularly excited to see the elephants, since effects of poaching on African elephant populations was Ashlyn’s research project this semester. Unfortunately, Ashlyn couldn’t be with us, but we all admired the (Indian) elephants anyhow. Though female Indian elephants do grow tusks, the keeper said the elephant on the left rubs hers down and the one on the right had recently broken hers off.

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The African savanna wildlife were particularly cooperative for photos. And we also got to catch penguin feeding time, which is exactly as adorable as it sounds. As Jordan said the visit was “Turtle-y amazing!”

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